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The only way to complete a BulletProof towing set up for anyone who tows heavy often is by adding the hitch stabilizer bars. But what is so beneficial about the hitch stabilizer bars? Will they make a difference when it comes to your towing experience? In short, the answer is YES! Here are five reasons why the BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit is a towing game-changer. Five Reasons The BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit is a Towing Game-Changer The BulletProof Hitches™ Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit can be installed on any class 4 or class 5 BulletProof Heavy...

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With so many different types of trucks and trailers in today's world of towing it can be difficult to find a hitch that will work for every situation. This is why the adjustable trailer hitch was created. It allows you to adjust your hitch to accommodate many different towing applications instead purchasing multiple hitches for every type of trailer or vehicle. The most common variable when towing multiple trailers is the height of the connection point between truck and trailer. An adjustable hitch makes it possible to move your ball up and down rather than being limited to one position. At BulletProof...

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At BulletProof Hitches we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our corrosion resistant pins are precision machined in-house from patented stress-proof steel, making them the perfect complement to your BulletProof Hitch. This pin is designed with strength, durability, and utility in mind. In addition to the zinc plating found on the standard pins, the corrosion resistant pin features an electroless nickel undercoat with a zinc plating topcoat for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. Many northern states have a high concentration of calcium chloride on the roads leading to rapid corrosion on standard coatings. The dual-plating process of the corrosion resistant pin...

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This time of year is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether it's getting out on the water for some fishing or hopping on the open road for a camping trip, chances are you will be doing some towing... and while most of us know the basics of how to pull a trailer, there are still some important tips to keep in mind before hitting the road. Here are six tips that will help to ensure a safe towing experience: Check your tires - It's important to check both your trailer and your vehicle's tire pressure before embarking on a towing trip,...

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For those who tow heavily on a regular basis using a BulletProof Hitch with 8" or more of drop, BulletProof Hitches offers the frame-mounted stabilizer bar kit. This kit provides a complete towing system for those with lifted trucks. Available for all BulletProof drop hitches with 8" of drop or more, the stabilizer bar system will help keep you and your trailer safe. The main purpose of the hitch stabilizer bar system is to reduce the amount of leverage on the hitch receiver. The hitch receiver is the piece that is mounted on the underside of the vehicle and attached...

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