Towing With Your Lifted Truck

Towing With Your Lifted Truck

Towing with a lifted truck can present many problems. Many newer trucks can tow anywhere from 5,000lbs to 20,000+lbs. When towing with a lifted truck, a drop hitch will be required to make sure the hitch ball sits at a height comparable to the height of the trailer coupler. Most companies do not offer drop hitches that exceed the tow rating of new diesel trucks and that is where BulletProof Hitches comes in to play.

With drop hitches rated up to 36,000lbs and drop sizes up to 16", finding a drop hitch that fits both the needs of the user and the capabilities of the towing vehicle is now possible. Adding suspension lifts and larger tires to otherwise normal trucks is quite a trend these days, and here at BulletProof Hitches, we don't think this should limit your ability to tow the trailers you need to tow.

Here is a quick example. If you own a new 3/4-ton truck and want to tow a trailer but also want to put a 10" lift and 37" tires on your truck, your options for towing the 15,000+lbs your truck is capable of are very slim or non-existent. Most drop hitches are either not long enough or not strong enough to handle the capabilities of the truck.

With a BulletProof Hitch, you are able to tow any trailer - whether it is a 1 7/8", 2", 2 5/16" or pintle - with one adjustable drop hitch. We offer a variety of shank sizes and drop sizes to fit all makes and models, and with a lifetime warranty, you never have to worry about your hitch bending or breaking under load.

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