BulletProof Hitches Offset 4" + 6" Drop/Rise Trailer Hitch

BulletProof Hitches Offset 4" + 6" Drop/Rise Trailer Hitch

For customers looking to tow a wide variety of trailers, there is no replacement for the new Extreme Duty Offset drop and rise hitch from BulletProof Hitches.

Rated to 36,000 lbs and constructed entirely of solid steel, this hitch features a 7-position channel for mounting your ball mount, pintle attachment, or any other BulletProof Hitch accessory. This unique style of hitch offers the user the ability to run the hitch with either a 6" drop and 4" rise or a 4" drop and 6" rise, saving the user time when having to switch between different types of trailers for different heights.

Every trailer that you tow will have a unique height at which the coupler on the front of the trailer needs to sit. For many trailers with 2" or 2-5/16" ball couplers, this height is typically around 16" to 20" when measured from the bottom of the coupler to the ground (with the trailer at a level height - not rear-high or nose-high). On the contrary, many trailers with pintle/lunette ring couplers will have an average height that is much higher, going all the way up to 2' and 3'. Towing this type of trailer will usually require s standard drop hitch to be removed, rotated, then secured in the rise position. While not particularly time-consuming, constantly removing a heavy steel hitch from the receiver just to turn it over can be a hassle and difficult. The Offset drop/rise hitch eliminates this issue entirely by giving the user a wide range of heights the at which to set the ball mount. Switching from your low-height 2" trailer to your tall pintle trailer is as simple as removing the two pins securing the dual ball and moving it to the point where the trailer will tow at a level height.

One of the best parts of the Offset hitch is that it is designed to allow the user to open their tailgate without interference, even on vehicles with large tailgates such as the 2017+ Ford Super Duty trucks. Being able to open the tailgate without removing the hitch is not only convenient, but it also helps to prevent damage. Trying to open the tailgate of your truck with a 8" BulletProof drop/rise hitch could potentially lead to a damaged tailgate if the user is not observant enough. The Offset 4" + 6" drop/rise hitch will eliminate this all together by being short enough to allow clearance for the tailgate to open, saving you money and headaches.

The Offset hitch truly serves the needs of individuals towing many different trailers on a consistent basis. If you are looking for an all-in-one towing solution for your heavy duty truck, look no further than the BulletProof Hitches 4" + 6" Offset drop/rise hitch. Available with 2", 2.5" and 3" shanks.