The Benefits of Using an Adjustable Trailer Hitch

BulletProof Adjustable Drop Hitches

With so many different types of trucks and trailers in today's world of towing it can be difficult to find a hitch that will work for every situation.

This is why the adjustable trailer hitch was created. It allows you to adjust your hitch to accommodate many different towing applications instead purchasing multiple hitches for every type of trailer or vehicle. The most common variable when towing multiple trailers is the height of the connection point between truck and trailer. An adjustable hitch makes it possible to move your ball up and down rather than being limited to one position.

At BulletProof Hitches, we have developed a full line of adjustable trailer hitches that are ideal for any vehicle, trailer, or bumper towing application. You can not only move your ball above or below the receiver, but you can also utilize the dual ball which gives you multiple ball sizes, plus a large selection of BulletProof accessories that will allow one hitch to do the work of many.

BulletProof Hitches are designed to provide a more convenient towing experience and to streamline your everyday towing for anyone that uses multiple trailers on a regular basis. They are also the highest rated on the market and come with full lifetime warranty.

Our selection of Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, & Extreme Duty Hitches are available in sizes ranging from a 4" drop/rise to a 16" drop/rise making towing possible for any vehicle or trailer.

Check out our website at to browse our entire collection of hitches and accessories so you can experience first hand the benefits of using a high quality adjustable trailer hitch.

BulletProof Adjustable Trailer Hitches