What is your return policy?

Please visit our BulletProof Hitches™ Returns & Exchanges page for additional information on how to initiate a return.

To avoid ordering the wrong size hitch, please also check-out the What Size Hitch Do I Need page prior to ordering to ensure you have the correct size hitch for your truck. For additional information, feel free to give us a call at 941-251-8110.

Why do I need a BulletProof Hitch™?

The BulletProof Hitch™ allows you to tow any trailer correctly and safely. It enables you to tow the trailer level, ensuring even wear on your trailer tires as well as increased control. Quite often hitches get overlooked and only get addressed when an issue arises. The BulletProof Hitch™ has huge safety benefits protecting the undercarriage and bumper in the event of a collision. The BulletProof Hitch™ also accepts a variety of accessories such as loops, pintle receiver, and clevis which allows the Bullet Proof Hitch™ to tow any trailer in the world.

Which hitch do I need for my truck?

Please see our What size hitch do I need for my truck” page to measure your truck and get the hitch suited for your application.

What is the BulletProof Hitch™ rated to?

Medium Duty Hitches are rated to 14,000 lbs.

Heavy Duty Hitches are rated to 22,000 lbs

Extreme Duty Hitches are rated to 36,000 lbs

Are your hitches made in america?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being an American made company. Our hitches are designed, tested, manufactured, assembled, & shipped in the United States from our primary location in Bradenton, Florida.

Do you test the BulletProof Hitch™?

Yes, every production batch of hitches is thoroughly examined and tested for weld penetration, aesthetics and overall strength. As seen in the photo to the right we randomly select hitches to undergo a weight load certification on a 200,000 lb test bed.

What attachments do your hitches accept?

The BulletProof Hitch™ can take a wide range of attachments. Please see our accessories section to view our entire line of BulletProof Accessories.

What is the difference between a BulletProof Hitch™ and other hitches?

With the highest towing capacity of any other trailer hitch at up to 36,000 lbs, the BulletProof Hitch™ really is the last hitch you will ever need. Made from solid steel, our hitches are rigorously tested to surpass all towing standards/regulations. Our hitches are also compatible with a full line of hitch accessories for multiple towing applications, making it the most versatile hitch on the market. Our full lifetime warranty also sets our hitches apart from other brands, offering piece of mind to anyone using a BulletProof Hitch™.

Do you offer military/Emergency services discount?

Yes! We offer 10% off for any military personnel or first responders. Please confirm your Military or first responder status at checkout by clicking the green "Verify with ID.me" button on the cart page or email a valid form of identification that shows your military status to sales@bulletproofhitches.com and we'll provide you with a discount code. Give us a call at 941-251-8110 for additional information.

Do you offer a warranty on your hitch?

These hitches don’t fail! However, we do offer a lifetime warranty on the construction of any of our hitches for your piece of mind. Visit our Warranty Page for additional information on the BulletProof Hitches™ Full Lifetime Warranty.

What is the difference between Medium, Heavy, & Extreme Duty?

Our hitches are divided into 3 different categories, Medium, Heavy, & Extreme Duty. Our Medium Duty Hitches are Rated to 14,000 lbs, Heavy Duty Hitches are rated to 22,000 lbs, & Extreme Duty Hitches are rated up to 36,000 lbs. Our Heavy & Extreme Duty Hitches have a solid steel shank and our Medium Duty Hitches have a box steel shank. Medium Duty Hitches also are not compatible with our Pintle Attachment.

What is the difference between 2”, 2.5”, & 3” hitches?

This refers to the shank size of our hitches, so a 2” BulletProof Hitch™ has a shank width of 2” that will fit into a 2” vehicle receiver and a 2.5” hitch will fit into a 2.5” vehicle receiver.

What ball sizes are available?

Our hitches come with a solid steel dual ball mount with standard with a 2” ball on one side and a 2-5/16” ball on the other side. You can choose to change your dual ball to include a 1 7/8” ball on one side of your dual ball. Dual ball mounts can also be purchased separately so you can have all available ball sizes.

Can I order a hitch in something other than black powder coat?

We only offer our hitches with our signature black textured powder coat because it offers the best possible protection for your hitch. All BulletProof Hitches™ come with a lifetime constructional warranty and a 1 year cosmetic warranty that covers any issues with the powder coated finish.

Can I use my hitch in the rise position?

Yes, all of our hitches can be used in the drop or rise position without any change in the towing capacity.

Can I Lock My BulletProof Hitch™?

Yes, we offer a BulletProof Locking Pin that you can use to lock your hitch to your vehicles receiver. It is also compatible with any of our accessories, so you can lock your dual ball or any BulletProof Accessory to the hitch.

Can I Have My Locking Pins Keyed Alike?

Yes, if you order more than 1 locking pin we will make sure that they are all keyed alike. Each locking pin comes with 2 keys.

What Size Shank Do I Have?

The correct shank size for your vehicle can be determined by measuring the width of the inside opening of your vehicles receiver. You can also determine what size shank your hitch has, by measuring the width of the shank. It will be either 2", 2.5", or 3".

What Size Drop do I need?

The best way to determine the correct drop size for your vehicle is by parking on level ground and measuring from the ground to the bottom inside of your receiver. You can use that measurement with our Hitch Sizing Guide to determine your recommended drop size or give us a call at 941-251-8110 and we can recommend a hitch that will work best for your towing needs!

Why Are BulletProof Hitches™ the Best?

BulletProof Hitches™ are the highest rated hitch on the market (rated up to 36,000 lbs). They are available with over 20 different accessories for a variety of towing applications and come with a full lifetime warranty on the construction of the hitch.

What attachments can I add to my bulletproof hitch™?

BulletProof Hitches™ are compatible with our full line of hitch accessories. A couple of our most used accessories are the BulletProof Pintle Attachment, the BulletProof Locking Pin, and the BulletProof Sway Control System.

I bought the wrong hitch can I exchange it?

Please review our returns / exchanges page for information on how to exchange your hitch.

Can I return my hitch for a refund?

Yes, we do accept returns as long as you initiate your return within 30 days of placing your original order and if your hitch is unused and in its original condition. Please visit our Warranty, Exchanges, & Returns page for additional information on how to initiate a return.

Can I get Your hitches locally in stores?

We do have a network of dealers throughout the United States and you can find a local dealer by visiting the Dealer Locator on our website.

How much is the shipping for a hitch?

We offer a flat rate shipping fee of $29.95 per hitch to anywhere within the lower 48 states. All products are shipped via FedEx Ground (2-5 business day delivery). We do also offer expedited shipping and international shipping rates. Please give us a call or visit our Shipping Information page for more information about ship times & rates.

Can I get a discount if I order multiple hitches

Quantity Discounts are determined based on the size of the order. Please give us a call at 941-251-8110 for a custom quote.

Are your hitches compatible with Rock tamers or mud flaps?

Yes, our hitches are compatible with rock tamers & mud flaps.

How long will it take to receive my order once I place it?

Our hitches ship FedEx Ground which takes 2-5 business days to arrive once shipped. All orders placed before noon EST Monday -Friday will be shipped out same day and any orders placed after noon EST will be shipped out the next business day. We also offer expedited shipping options. Please give us a call at 941-251-8110 or visit our Shipping Information page for additional information about ship times & rates.

Are BulletProof Hitches™ compatible with Weight Distribution systems?

Yes, we have a weight distribution adapter that makes any of our hitches compatible with most weight distribution systems on the market.