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BulletProof Corrosion Resistant Pins

At BulletProof Hitches we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our corrosion resistant pins are precision machined in-house from patented stress-proof steel, making them the perfect complement to your BulletProof Hitch.

This pin is designed with strength, durability, and utility in mind. In addition to the zinc plating found on the standard pins, the corrosion resistant pin features an electroless nickel undercoat with a zinc plating topcoat for unsurpassed corrosion resistance.

Many northern states have a high concentration of calcium chloride on the roads leading to rapid corrosion on standard coatings. The dual-plating process of the corrosion resistant pin was designed to protect the integrity of the pin, ensuring strength for many years to come. These pins will be supplied as a pair with two R-clips included, and are rated to the full capacity of any BulletProof Hitch.

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BulletProof Corrosion Resistant Pins