What Is the Difference Between Weight Distribution and Sway Control?

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What Is the Difference Between Weight Distribution and Sway Control?

When talking about weight distribution systems and sway control systems, these terms can often be interchanged by those without complete understanding of what each system does.

A weight distribution system uses a specific set of bars that come off of the tail end of the trailer hitch which are then attached to the trailer's frame, typically by chains or mounting brackets. Weight distribution systems are used to help transfer the trailer's tongue weight more toward the trailer as opposed to the vehicle's rear end. This can be very common with certain trailers such as travel trailers that have a fixed weight throughout the trailer. General cargo trailers and flat trailers are designed for loading where the load can be mostly over the trailers axles to provide a generally neutral front-to-back weight load, so for these types of trailers weight distribution systems are not necessarily required.

Using a weight distribution could be helpful if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

-Trailer sway

-Vehicle's headlights pointing upwards due to too much weight on the rear suspension