The Benefits of Using BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars

The Benefits of Using BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars

The only way to complete a BulletProof towing set up for anyone who tows heavy often is by adding the hitch stabilizer bars. But what is so beneficial about the hitch stabilizer bars? Will they make a difference when it comes to your towing experience? In short, the answer is YES! Here are five reasons why the BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit is a towing game-changer.

Five Reasons The BulletProof Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit is a Towing Game-Changer

  1. The BulletProof Hitches™ Frame-Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bar Kit can be installed on any class 4 or class 5 BulletProof Heavy or Extreme-Duty adjustable drop hitch with at least an eight-inch drop or more.

  2. BulletProof Hitches™ class 5 extreme-duty hitches are rated to tow up to 36,000 pounds. Pairing any heavy or extreme-duty BulletProof Hitch™ with BulletProof stabilizer bars will help to reduce some of the leverage put on the hitch receiver and transfer it to the frame of the tow vehicle. This results in a more solid and safer ride. You'll always tow heavy with complete confidence no matter the size.

  3. The BulletProof Frame-Mounted Stabilizer Bar Kit removes unnecessary movement in the shank of the BulletProof adjustable trailer hitch and creates a more solid connection between hitch and tow vehicle. This combo results in a smoother ride while towing heavier loads. 

  4. The hitch stabilizer bar kit helps to keep your towing experience relatively noise-free. The stabilizer bar kit does all this by combating the issue right at the source.

  5. Last but not least, the BulletProof Hitches™ hitch stabilizer bars are easy to install. So easy, anyone could install one onto their truck in their driveway

Add the BulletProof Hitches™ Frame-Mounted Stabilizer Bar Kit to your BulletProof towing setup today! It's the perfect way to tow heavy with more confidence.

"Absolutely fantastic! These bars are super beefy, pictures do not do them justice. The hardware is massive and strong 1/2" solid steel, just like their hitches. 

These things are no joke at all. They stabilize the hitch completely, giving a confident road feel with big drop hitches. I run a 6" lift on 37's with their 10" drop hitch. I can pull anything with complete confidence, and no extra sway induced by the hitch. 

Their hitch with these bars, feels better than any other hitch I've pulled with."

- Adam A.