BulletProof Hitches Frame-Mounted Stabilizer Bars

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BulletProof Hitches Frame-Mounted Stabilizer Bars

For those who tow heavily on a regular basis using a BulletProof Hitch with 8" or more of drop, BulletProof Hitches offers the frame-mounted stabilizer bar kit. This kit provides a complete towing system for those with lifted trucks.

Available for all BulletProof drop hitches with 8" of drop or more, the stabilizer bar system will help keep you and your trailer safe. The main purpose of the hitch stabilizer bar system is to reduce the amount of leverage on the hitch receiver. The hitch receiver is the piece that is mounted on the underside of the vehicle and attached directly to the vehicle's frame. When towing with a long drop hitch the leverage of the pulling force could potentially bend or twist the hitch receiver. Naturally the trailer hitch will want to bend upwards when pulling a trailer forward. The strength of the BulletProof Hitch will far surpass the strength of the hitch receiver. By adding the hitch stabilizer bar system, the force will be evenly distributed through the bars, trailer hitch, and hitch receiver, effectively reducing the amount of force being transferred to any one component.

Additionally, the hitch stabilizer system will keep the hitch firm and tight in the receiver, which will completely eliminate any slop or play the hitch may have. Once the stabilizer bars are installed, they are tightened in order to get rid of any slack in the system. This will keep your towing experience noise-free and will also help to reduce trailer sway by eliminating it at the main source which the connection between the trailer hitch and the hitch receiver.

If you want a simple solution for a strong and safe towing system, the frame-mounted stabilizer bar kit is the best way to go.