Adding A Shackle To Your BulletProof Hitch

Adding A Shackle To Your BulletProof Hitch

The strength of your BulletProof Hitch makes it a perfect mounting point for a shackle. Normally, using attach a rope or chain to your vehicle would require you to use a shackle that slides directly into the receiver. Doing so requires you to completely remove your trailer hitch and insert a shackle or hook into the vehicle's hitch receiver, however the Extreme Duty Adjustable Shackle Attachment makes this process even easier.

With a width of 3", the BulletProof Hitches Extreme Duty Adjustable Shackle Attachment fits directly into any available BulletProof Hitch. The Shackle Attachment comes with two hardened steel pins for the user to safely secure the Shackle Attachment to the hitch without the need to remove the entire hitch from the vehicle's hitch receiver. Just slide the Shackle Attachment in place, insert the two supplied pins, and you are ready to go!

The Shackle Attachment works great for recovery of vehicles stuck in dirt, snow, and mud, as well as demolition of small structures. The pin provided as part of the shackle is threaded and will screw into place in order to secure the rope or chain being used for the required job. This will completely prevent the rope or chain from coming free of the shackle which will reduce the risk of damage or injury, and with a 30,000 lb rating, there is nothing this shackle can't handle.

If the job you are doing calls for the use of a shackle and your vehicle is equipped with a BulletProof Hitch, then utilizing the Extreme Duty Shackle Attachment is truly the best choice. This solid steel attachment comes with a lifetime structural warranty and is compatible for use with any available BulletProof Hitch.

For those interested, we also offer a full line of receiver shackles that slide directly into the vehicle's hitch receiver. To see our receiver shackles offerings, follow the following the link: