Determining the Right Hitch For Your Application

Determining the Right Hitch For Your Application

BulletProof Hitches is committed to bringing the best trailer hitches to anyone looking to tow any trailer. We offer hitches with 2", 2.5" and 3" shanks and drop/rise sizes ranging from 4" to 16". Each shank size can be paired with any drop size for great fitment every time, no matter the application. Additionally, we offer three lines of hitches with different weight ratings - Medium Duty 14,000lbs hitches, Heavy Duty 22,000lbs hitches and Extreme Duty 36,000lbs hitches.

Figuring out which hitch you will need can be very simple. The first step in determining which of these hitches will work best is to visit our "What size hitch do I need?" page here:

Once you have determined the correct shank and drop size for your application, you must determine which weight rating you will need. The best place to start is by figuring out the towing capacity of your vehicle. This can usually be referenced in the owner's manual or by searching online. This towing capacity should then be compared to our three different hitch lines. You will want a hitch rated higher than the tow rating of your vehicle. Refer to this simple guide below if you are unsure which hitch rating (Medium, Heavy, or Extreme Duty) you will need.


Vehicle Towing Capacity            Hitch Rating

< 14,000lbs                               Medium Duty (14,000lbs)

14,000lbs-22,000lbs                 Heavy Duty (22,000lbs)

22,000lbs-36,000lbs                 Extreme Duty (36,000lbs)

If you have any additional issues in determining which hitch you will need for your application, please give as a call at (941) 251 8110 or contact us using our contact form here: