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The best part about owning a travel trailer, has to be camping! Headed to the campground soon but not sure of the best way to set it up? We’ve got you covered.  We gave you the rundown on the best way to start your road trip safely.  Proper loading of your trailer Towing safety checks are done Driving slower and giving ample space for breaking  Which means you’ve made it to your destination. You’ve made it to the campground, you’ve found your spot, now it's time to set up and secure your travel trailer to be usable for your stay....

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Lifted trucks are continually gaining popularity amongst drivers across the country. Whether you’re a frequent participant at truck shows or you’re an avid off-roader, having a lifted truck is an American tradition that has quickly spread across our nation. With that in mind, however, truck drivers should still consider the practical needs of their vehicle. Stock trucks that come straight from the factory have been rigorously tested to ensure their towing capacities and vehicle handling for the specific reason of towing trailers. Many truck owners that use their trucks on a daily basis for towing, don't see the reason to...

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Compared to everyday, lightweight towing, commercial towing comes with an entirely different set of requirements and responsibilities. Not only do commercial towers perform a wider variety of tasks, but they’re also doing them on a broader level. There are bigger truckloads, heavier equipment, and a diverse set of towing tasks. In order to get the job done right, it’s crucial to outfit your trucks with the best hitch on the market. That’s where BulletProof Hitches™ comes in! Our hitches are the highest-rated option on the market. They’ve been proven to tow up to 36,000 lbs. and have an adaptable design...

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  When the subject of towing is raised, there are seemingly countless half-truths, misconceptions and even some bald-faced lies.  The misconceptions are especially pervasive when it comes to safe towing.  Let’s clear up the misconceptions and finally reveal the truth. Misconception #1: There is no Need to Maintain Trailer Bearings Trailer bearings are positioned within the wheel mechanisms of the trailer.  Contrary to popular opinion, these bearings require ongoing maintenance.  Ideally, trailer bearings will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and treated with grease on a regular basis. Misconception #2: Towing Capacity is Increased With Trailer Hitch Upgrades Some people are under...

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At BulletProof Hitches, we know that towing isn't always an exact science and sometimes requires some additional tools to help make your towing experience a bit more convenient.  Our solid steel weight distribution adapter allows you to attach a weight distribution/sway control head to a BulletProof Hitch. After modifying your vehicles suspension and adding larger tires, you may need a hitch with a larger drop. This accessory is compatible with all BulletProof Hitches and MOST weight distribution/sway control systems. The adapter is 2” wide and the holes on the weight distribution adapter are 3/4" in diameter and spaced 1-1/4". Rated...

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