How does towing affect my tow vehicle?

How does towing affect my tow vehicle?

When it comes to towing, it is important that you know how to prepare to tow as well as how to tow safely and effectively.  There are potential harms to your vehicle, tow equipment, yourself and others on the road if you are not prepared. Today, let's focus on the vehicle that you are towing with, the potentials can vary from internal to external and can all be prevented. 

The Right Hitch for the Job

Are you towing with proper equipment?  When it comes to choosing the right hitch for your truck and towing needs, there are a few things you must consider. Although many will own multiple hitches in order to account for their different trailers, BulletProof offers an adjustable drop hitch that allows you to have one hitch for all of your trailers based on a few measurements. Choosing the right size towing hitch is essential for towing safely as well as for towing level. Check out this Blog in order to make sure you have chosen the right hitch, it will walk you through determining your hitch based on receiver tube, height, and towing weight. 

Know Your Vehicle

Now let’s get a little deeper. As previously mentioned, the range of potential harm can vary internally and externally. The potential harms to your vehicle if you are towing incorrectly can be any of the following: Engine damage from overheating, transmission damage from overheating, damage to the suspension and braking systems, undue stress to the frame, and others. We can talk about how we can prevent many of these from happening starting with not exceeding your vehicle's towing capacity. Your towing capacity is listed inside of the truck/tow vehicle on a sticker, there will be two numbers; one referencing how much you can hold inside of the vehicle. The one we are focusing on is the larger number, referring to how much weight you can safely pull behind your truck with a trailer. Understanding your towing capacity will help prevent you from overloading your trailers which will cause less strain on your transmission, your frame, and suspension. 

Loading your Trailer

Trailer loading needs to be even and needs to be done correctly to ensure that the weight is on top of your trailers and not too far forward and placing pressure on the hitch’s tongue weight and creating unnecessary stress on the frame of your vehicle.

Overall, towing is something that has to be prepared for. You need to make sure you are using the right equipment and are prepared for the job at hand. Once you understand that, hit the open road!

Happy Towing!