Why is the BulletProof Hitch™ the Ultimate Choice for Commercial Towing?

Why is the BulletProof Hitch™ the Ultimate Choice for Commercial Towing?

Compared to everyday, lightweight towing, commercial towing comes with an entirely different set of requirements and responsibilities.

Not only do commercial towers perform a wider variety of tasks, but they’re also doing them on a broader level. There are bigger truckloads, heavier equipment, and a diverse set of towing tasks. In order to get the job done right, it’s crucial to outfit your trucks with the best hitch on the market.

That’s where BulletProof Hitches comes in!

Our hitches are the highest-rated option on the market. They’ve been proven to tow up to 36,000 lbs. and have an adaptable design to meet all of your commercial towing needs.

If you’re trying to decide whether our hitches are the best option for your commercial trucks, we’ve got three great reasons they should be your top contenders.

Solid Steel Design

If you want a hitch that can hold up against heavy equipment and loads, you’ll be pleased to know that each of our BulletProof Hitch™ products is made from high-quality solid steel.

Thanks to this design, you’ll be receiving a state-of-the-art hitch that’s virtually indestructible and can stand up to the everyday wear-and-tear of commercial towing usage. 

Versatile Towing Accessories

Not every commercial towing company uses their equipment in the same way. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a high-performing hitch that could work for a wide variety of different types of towing?

Well, there is—the BulletProof Hitch™!

In addition to our industry-leading ball hitch, we also offer a comprehensive list of towing accessories that will help make your day-to-day jobs a little bit easier. Some of our most popular products include:

Adjustable Channel Design

Throughout your workweek, you’ll likely find yourself needing to tow multiple different trailers. To create a smoother towing experience, our adjustable channel hitch has you covered.

No matter what type of trailer you need to tow, you’ll have the option to adjust the ride height for a more level commercial towing experience.

Commercial Towing Done Right with BulletProof Hitches™

Strength, versatility, and adaptability—these are just three great ways to describe the commercial towing ability of the BulletProof Hitch™.

If you want reliable equipment that’s built-to-last and can provide a streamlined towing experience, there’s no better hitch on the market.

Give our experienced customer service representatives a call today at (941) 251-8110 to learn more about which type of commercial hitch would be best for your towing needs.

We also offer fleet discounts if ordering hitches for multiple vehicles. Contact our team today to get a quote on your next fleet order.