Why You Should Keep Your Hitch Secure

Why You Should Keep Your Hitch Secure

As one of the highest quality trailer hitches on the market, BulletProof Hitches has the reputation for being the best-of-the-best.

However, adding a top-of-the-line trailer hitch to your vehicle can come with the risk of being stolen. That is why we developed the BulletProof Locking Pin. It's high quality stainless steel design matches the quality of our hitches and is definitely what you want keeping your hitch secure while you are away from your vehicle.

An Inside Look at the Newest BulletProof Locking Pin

Our latest trailer hitch locking pin has been carefully redesigned with our customers’ needs and security in mind.  This new edition has been redesigned to serve as a universal fit for every single hitch and accessory.  In other words, we have democratized our locking pins for true mass appeal.

Our stainless steel locking pin is the perfect security solution for your hitch.  Add it to your receiver and it will be securely connected to your vehicle. Add another to your dual ball or any of our accessories to guarantee that your entire hitch set-up is secure. The stainless steel internals and weather resistant cap also make sure that it will hold up through the worst conditions.

This durable locking pin is rated to the hitch’s maximum capacity so you can rest easy knowing that your trailer hitch won't have a weak link and your trailer will be safe all the way up to 36,000 lbs with our Extreme Duty Hitches.

The lockable barrel of our locking pin was designed with a comparably thick end-piece to make it extra difficult for a thief to steal your hitch.

Our product engineers carefully designed this locking pin to have a universal design that works for all receiver sizes including:

  • 2”
  • 2.5"”
  • 3”

Our design team added stabilization holes and an R-clip to the shaft of the pin to remove any back and forth movement that might occur when using it on a smaller receiver or with our accessories.

BulletProof Hitch Locking Pin

The Proper Keying for Your Locking Pins

The majority of our customers buy a locking pin for their receiver as well as their dual ball and accessories. With multiple locking pins, comes multiple keys, which is why we make sure to key any order with multiple locking pins alike so all keys match. This will help you avoid fumbling around with a key ring full of keys.

The Best in The Business

In short, we have carefully combined all the premium features of a standard locking pin and added our own expert touch to it for a stronger, more durable version, with optimal functionality.  

The way we see it is... You invested in our hitch because you trusted the fact that  it will be the last hitch you will ever need. We want to make sure that is true. We know your BulletProof Hitch will never fail you in terms of structural integrity, but we also wanted to make sure it stays on your truck where it belongs.

Order yourself a BulletProof Hitch Locking Pin today and see the quality for yourself!

For additional information or questions about any of our BulletProof products, you can contact us by phone at (941) 251-8110 or by email at sales@bulletproofhitches.com.