Weight Distribution/Sway Control Adapter for BulletProof Hitches

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This solid steel adapter allows you to attach a weight distribution/sway control head to a BulletProof Hitch. After modifying your vehicles suspension and adding larger tires, you may need a hitch with a larger drop. This accessory is compatible with all BulletProof Hitches and MOST weight distribution/sway control systems. The adapter is 2” wide and the holes on the weight distribution adapter are 3/4" in diameter and spaced 1-1/4".

Rated to 22,000lbs trailer weight 3,000lbs tongue weight when used with Heavy Duty hitches.

Rated to 36,000lbs trailer weight 6,000lbs tongue weight when used with Extreme Duty hitches.

This is for the adapter piece only. This does not include a weight distribution ball with bars as seen pictured.