When to Use a Sway Control System

BulletProof Hitches - Sway Control System

Anyone who has spent time pulling a trailer, whether it be the family fishing boat, heavy duty farm equipment, or a car hauler, has probably experienced sway with their trailer. It is not a fun feeling when a large gust of wind starts causing your trailer to sway back and forth while you try to keep both your tow vehicle and the trailer in your lane.

This common towing experience can become more of an issue the heavier your trailer load is and as you increase your speed while towing.

This issue can be potentially dangerous for both the tow vehicle and other vehicles on the road around you if not handled correctly.

Luckily there are solutions that can reduce the amount of sway you are experiencing. Anti-sway bars or sway control systems can help to stabilize your trailer by tightening the connection between tow vehicle and trailer. This makes it easier to manage your trailer and keep it in line behind your vehicle when traveling at high speeds.

At BulletProof Hitches we have designed a sway control system that easily integrates with any of our hitches and allows you to add and remove the sway arm at any time. The sway control arm (pictured below - bottom) attaches from the BulletProof Sway Control Ball Mount (pictured below - top) on the Hitch to the trailer by attaching the sway control mounting plate to the trailer frame. The setup of this system comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions to make installation as easy as possible.

To save you some extra money, we have also added an option to our hitches on our website that allows you to substitute the standard dual ball for a sway control ball mount as an upgrade to the hitch. This will save you from having to purchase the sway control ball mount separately.

BulletProof Hitches only offers the best quality products and this system does not fall short of our quality standards. Whether you are using our BulletProof Sway Control System or another system, it is always a great idea to use some type of sway control when towing heavy trailers at high speeds.

Make sure to check out our entire line of adjustable trailer hitches and hitch accessories for other great solutions to your towing needs.

For additional information about using a sway control system or about any of our BulletProof Hitches or accessories, feel free to reach out to our team at 941-251-8110.


BulletProof Sway Control System