Should I Use a Reducer Sleeve in my Receiver While Towing?

Should I Use a Reducer Sleeve in my Receiver While Towing?

 With great decisions comes great responsibility... At least we like to think so. When it comes to measuring for your trailer hitch, not every measuring guide is the same. We get it, not every hitch is made the same and even worse yet, not every receiver is the same size. 

We understand that some of our customers have more than one truck that they use on a regular basis. Because of this some people may run into the following issues. First they may only need one hitch because they're only going to be using one truck at a time. This is fine if your Bulletproof Hitch™ can be transferred from truck to truck no problem. However, not every receiver is the same size. Truck manufacturers change their specs frequently and with this, one truck may have a 2.0” receiver while another of the same make and model may have a 2.5" receiver. This is when the reducer sleeve might come in handy. If you plan to use a reducer sleeve while towing here's what to expect.

While towing with a reducer sleeve, you may experience more play in your receiver while towing. It comes with the territory, you're putting a smaller shank in a larger receiver and reducer sleeves aren’t always manufactured to have a perfect fit to fill the extra space. Because of that factor alone, there might be some movement and noise. One of the pro's to using a sleeve is that you will be able to use your hitch on multiple trucks that have different receiver sizes. As long as you're okay with extra movement, the perks of using a reducer sleeve can be beneficial at times. Ultimately, a reducer sleeve is a quick, less expensive way to resolve the issue of moving your hitch from one truck to another. 

Whether you are using your hitch with or without a reducer sleeve, always make sure to stay within the maximum capacity of the hitch as well as the tow vehicle.

So, should you use a reducer sleeve while towing? We always recommend that if you plan on towing with the same truck most of the time, then buy the hitch that matches your receiver size. It will ultimately have a better fit with less movement. BulletProof Hitches™ are manufactured to the highest tolerances to provide the best possible fit with minimal movement within the receiver.

In the end, the decision is up to you. Like anything when it comes to towing, do your research and figure out the best solution for you and your specific towing needs.  Take your new knowledge about the pros and cons of using a reducer sleeve with your BulletProof Adjustable Drop Hitch, go forth, and tow accordingly.

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