DIY Projects: What Trailer to use for Each Project

DIY Projects: What Trailer to use for Each Project

If you endorse the DIY ethos, congratulations.  You are self-reliant and possibly even self-sufficient to a large degree.  Trailers make DIY projects that much easier.  However, the type of trailer you use for one project might not prove optimal for the next project and so on.  From traditional flatbed trailers to enclosed trailers, tandem utility trailers and beyond, there are plenty of options to consider.  Let’s take a look at which trailers are best for specific types of projects to ensure you get the most utility and security out of your trailer.

Trailer Variances

Each trailer is unique both in terms of function and form.  Even if two trailers look somewhat similar, they likely have their own unique merits, capacities and even some potential drawbacks.  As an example, trailers have unique coupler heights for level towing.  This is precisely why more and more people are recognizing the merits of the BulletProof Hitch adjustable trailer hitch

Such an adjustable trailer hitch is especially helpful when taking on the task of towing several trailers.  Making the proper investment in both a high quality trailer hitch along with the proper trailer and you will feel perfectly comfortable transporting loads of nearly every size and weight.

The Right Trailer for the Job

If you are self-reliant, you will embrace the challenge of completing all sorts of different DIY jobs or tasks ranging from hauling loads of lumber to build a shed, renovating part of your home, or moving furniture from one location to another. 

Any of these tasks require a reliable vehicle and trailer to make the job easier.  There is no sense attempting to fit an abundance of items in your truck or SUV when you can use a trailer for easy loading and unloading.

As an example, if you are attempting to transport trees and root balls, you should use an open tandem utility trailer so they do not bend upon loading or during transport.  Maybe you recently purchased or borrowed a friend’s 4-wheeler.  Perhaps you bought a side by side. You will need an open utility trailer to transport these vehicles in a safe and efficient manner.  The alternative is to attempt to load the 4-wheeler into a truck bed, which will prove to be quite the arduous task. Furthermore, you can hose off the vehicle while it is on the trailer for a quick and effective cleaning.

Trailers for Yard Work

Most DIY enthusiasts handle their own yard work rather than outsourcing the work to a landscaping crew or other specialist.  However, the DIY approach has the potential to prove challenging, especially if you have a large plot of land to maintain  Why bother taking several trips with bags of mulch in the back of your truck or SUV when you can use a trailer to consolidate those trips into a single trip? 

As an example, a utility trailer will provide the space you need to transport numerous bags of mulch, fertilizer and other yard-related items without burning through an excessive amount of gasoline and your limited free time.

Those who mow lawns for a living or mow a family member or friend’s lawn as a favor will benefit from an open single utility trailer. Opt for this unique trailer and transporting your riding mower, traditional lawnmower, gasoline and other sundries will prove quite quick and easy.

Open Car Haulers

There are few things more satisfying than working on your own vehicle or a project car.  The only catch is this automotive self-reliance will inevitably require the transportation of some fairly large parts and components such as a frame or engine.  Furthermore, you might have to transport the project car to a painter or welder.  If you have an open car hauler, this project will not prove nearly as challenging.  This type of hauler is ideal for transporting large vehicle parts as well as unfinished cars and even unfinished trucks.

These DIY projects are just a few examples of the many uses for different trailers. Make sure you are prepared for any situation by equipping your truck with a BulletProof Hitch™. Our adjustable channel and full line of BulletProof accessories will make it possible to attach your tow vehicle to any trailer ranging from standard coupler trailers to pintle trailers, or even certain farm equipment with the use of our Clevis attachment. The possibilities are endless and you will be prepared for it all with the BulletProof Hitch™!

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