How to Properly Load a Trailer for Safe & Efficient Towing

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Most people assume that the way a trailer is loaded prior to hitching is not very important.  However, the truth is, the subtleties of trailer loading are just as important as the quality of the hitch used. Let’s take a quick look at the best strategy for loading your trailer prior to establishing a connection with a BulletProof adjustable trailer hitch.

Why Trailer Loading Matters

The manner in which the load is placed in the trailer ultimately determines how the vehicle handles once it hits the road.  It does not matter if you plan on pulling a massive camping trailer, another car, or a cargo trailer; the load must be properly balanced and the trailer must be prepared in a careful manner.  The last thing you need is considerable trailer sway due to improperly distributed weight. In general, the ideal tongue weight should be about 15% of the total trailer weight. This tongue weight to trailer weight ratio can sometimes be difficult to measure, but it should definitely be a priority when conducting your pre-towing check list.

A good strategy to keep in mind while loading your trailer prior to hitching is to load up the heaviest materials before anything else. Each of these items should be tightly tied down at multiple angles to prevent them from shifting while on the road.

Place the heaviest items toward the front of the trailer. These bulky items should be positioned in front of the trailer axle.  Tie everything down as tight as possible so the load does not move. Ideally, you will load up the front portion of the trailer before any other part, putting about 60% of the total weight ahead of the front axle.  In terms of weight distribution. Try to center the cargo in the middle as best as possible as opposed to overloading the left or the right.    

Distribute Weight Across all Tires

If you were to load up the majority of your cargo toward the rear of the trailer, it would drift down low to the ground in the back and potentially contact the road when traveling over rough terrain. Furthermore, this approach reduces the front tires’ contact with the road, making the vehicle less stable while also impairing braking and steering functionality.

Use a BulletProof Weight Distribution Adapter

It is clear that towing can be inherently complicated and potentially dangerous if not done correctly. This is precisely why you should consider using all available tools including a weight distribution system. The BulletProof Hitches solid steel weight distribution adapter is a great way to benefit from all the features of our adjustable trailer hitches while utilizing a weight distribution system to help control your trailer weight. This adapter allows you to attach most weight distribution systems on the market to any of our hitches. Even if you buy larger tires and alter the vehicle suspension, you will still be able to use your entire hitch set-up thanks to the adjustable channel on our hitches.

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