How to Choose the Right Hitch for Your Vehicle

How to Choose the Right Hitch for Your Vehicle

You’ve got the truck, you’ve got the trailer, all that's missing is the right size hitch! When it comes to choosing the right hitch for your truck and towing needs there are a few things you must consider. Although many will own multiple hitches in order to account for their different trailers, BulletProof offers an adjustable drop hitch that allows you to have one hitch for all of your trailers based on a few measurements. Choosing the right size towing hitch is essential for towing safely as well as for towing level.

What to measure:

The first thing you must measure is the size of your receiver tube opening. To measure the receiver tube opening, you will place a tape measure on the inside lip and measure to the opposite side. This will give you the measurement of 2 inches, 2.5 inches, or 3 inches. The 3 inch will only be for 2017 and newer Fords and some RVs/ Semi-Trucks, although we all want to think ours is the biggest, make sure you’ve double checked. This measurement determines the shank size of the hitch, by measuring the opening there will be no need for reducing sleeves within the channel which allows for a more secure towing experience. 

The next measurement you will need is the height to your receiver tube. To take this measurement you will park your truck on level ground and measure from the ground to the bottom inside lip of the receiver tube. With these two measurements, you are now able to determine what size hitch you will need. When it comes to choosing a BulletProof Hitch, they offer a true drop  and it is necessary to recognize that the overall length of these hitches is 6 inches longer than the drop size (for example the 6” drop hitch is an overall 12” in length). BulletProof Hitches are available in drop sizes ranging from 2” to 16” and are adjustable, meaning that you can shift the ball mount up or down in the channel allowing you to adjust to the height of your trailer coupler.

The last thing you want to consider besides the overall size of the hitch is the amount of weight you will be towing taking into account squatting. If your vehicle squats with the amount of weight you are generally towing,  it is also important to make sure there is enough clearance between the ground and the overall hitch size. 

Once you know your measurements:

After determining the measurements for a properly sized hitch, the next part of having a safe tow is making sure your hitch is capable of handling whatever you are towing. BulletProof Hitches are available in 3 different tow capacities based on the amount of weight that can be towed by your vehicle. The Medium Duty hitch is rated up to 14,000 pounds, the shank of this hitch features Box Steel Construction which makes it overall a lighter hitch. The Heavy Duty hitch is rated up to 22,000 pounds while the  Extreme Duty hitch is rated up to 36,000 pounds; both the Heavy and Extreme Duty hitches have a solid steel shank. Although these hitches are rated to a specific weight, it is  not recommended to exceed your truck's towing capacity. 

That’s really it. To break it down one more time:

  1. Measurements 
    1. The size of the receiver tube opening. 
    2. Height from level ground to bottom lip of receiver tube opening. 
    3. How much weight you are planning on towing.

Now you have what you need to be sure you have the right size hitch for your vehicle and setting yourself up for success when towing! If you have any questions about your measurements, or you have made modifications to your truck, give us a call at 941-251-8110 and we will be happy to help you get set-up with the Last Hitch You Will Ever Need!