Towing Your Jet Ski to the Boat Ramp

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Towing Your Jet Ski to the Boat Ramp

It may seem easier to tow a Jet Ski than it is to tow a boat but there are still many things to understand to make certain that you are towing your Jet Ski safely and properly. Let's start before you even get to the water. Similar to any type of vehicle, your Jet Ski needs to be registered & check that the registration is current.  You may possibly need insurance depending on the state that you boat in. No one wants the hassle of being stopped for something like an expired registration. Now that the paperwork is out of the way, moving on to the trailer. Jet Ski trailers generally require the use of a 1 ⅞”  or 2” ball, this is not to say that some do not require other sizes so be sure to measure the coupler and confirm your hitch is equipped with the right size ball. BulletProof Hitches come standard with a  2”& 2 5/16” dual ball but have the option for a 1 ⅞” single ball mount. The available options make BulletProof Hitches a great choice in order to be able to change the ball without needing multiple hitches for your different trailers. Since you are now properly equipped with the right size ball you want to check that the trailer coupler is in good working order before trying to tow. If you have not used this trailer since last summer, you want to check that there are no cracks and there is not excessive corrosion on the coupler. 

The next step is to make sure your Jet Ski is tightly strapped down to your trailer. You will want to use straps to hold it in place, make sure to check the guide for your specific trailer on how to strap it down properly. Time to back your truck up to the coupler. Don’t forget to lube it up! Take it slow and get it perfectly aligned before lowering the coupler to the ball. Make sure to check that you are level once you are hooked up to give yourself a smooth tow and keep yourself, your hitch, your trailer and your Jet Ski safe. You will want to be sure that your safety chains are crossed and at the proper length with enough slack for making turns. Before leaving for the boat ramp, there are a few more safety checks to make in order to get the best towing experience possible. You will want to check that your trailer tires are in good shape and are properly inflated and make sure your trailer lights are working properly. Phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, the Jet Ski is on the trailer, trailers on your vehicle, what are you missing? Life Jackets! These are required for anyone operating or using a Jet Ski, grab those before you pull out of the driveway. 

A smooth towing experience is what you hope for, right? Okay now for actually towing it. You won’t be traveling at the same speed you normally would in order to maintain safe operation. You will want to maintain proper speed so as to not lose control and to not cause any damage to your truck or trailer. There is not necessarily an average for all trailers, it is dependent on your vehicle, your trailer, and road or weather conditions; some roads will have posted trailer speeds but this isn’t a guarantee. Once you make it to the launch, you are going to want to do a few things before backing it down to the water. Remove all of your covers and tie downs except for the winch line and make sure your drain plugs are tightly placed. Double check that all of your gear is ready and easily accessible so that you are ready to go when it is your turn to launch. You want to make sure that you are ready to launch when it's your turn, nothing worse than forgetting something behind or making other people wait for you. 

Following these quick steps will make a more efficient launch of your Jet Ski. Remember that when you are backing up your trailer will go OPPOSITE of the way you are steering. Launching your Jet Ski or boat takes practice, take a couple dry runs backing it up and check out this article for helpful tips.  Back up until it starts to float, have someone securely hold the dock line to ensure that your ski doesn’t start its day on the water with you still on the dock! Secure your Jet Ski to the dock out of the way for the next person to use the launch and go park. Run through that gear checklist and finally go have yourself a fun day on the water, don’t forget the sunscreen!