BulletProof Heavy Duty 3" Tow Strap


Product Information  

The BulletProof Heavy Duty 3" wide x 20 foot long Tow Strap is designed with safety, durability, and ease of use in mind. Made from durable and weather-resistant polyester webbing, the strap features reinforced loops on each end. The reinforced loops not only protect the strap when connected to the tow point, shackle or other strap/rope but also help to prolong the life of your strap.

With a working load limit of 8,000 pounds and a breaking strength of 24,000 pounds, it is a perfect choice for pulling out a stuck Jeep, pickup truck or van.

Product Specifications  

BulletProof Heavy Duty 3" Tow Strap Design Specification

Guides & Instructions  

The BulletProof Tow Strap Guide

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