BulletProof Accessory Clamp


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The BulletProof Accessory Clamp was designed to make BulletProof accessories solid in your hitch. The clamp also helps to prevent theft by requiring the supplied offset wrench to remove your accessory.


Installation is simple - drop the clamp behind the dual ball or accessory, tighten the bolt by hand, finish with the supplied offset wrench and all movement is eliminated!


The BulletProof Dual Accessory Clamp is compatible with these BulletProof accessories:

Extreme Duty Shackle Attachment

Single Tang Clevis

Step Attachment

Flag Holder

Flat Plate

Receiver Attachment

Medium Duty Dual Ball

Medium Duty Sway Control Dual Ball

Heavy Duty Dual Ball

Heavy Duty Sway Control Dual Ball

*Not Compatible with our Pintle Attachment, Loop, Medium Duty Clevis, Heavy Duty Clevis, Medium Duty Weight Distibution Adapter or Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Adapter.




BulletProof Accessories

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Step Attachment

Pintle Attachment

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