BulletProof Corrosion Resistant Pins (Pair)


Product Information  

The Corrosion Resistant Pins are precision machined in-house from our patented stress-proof steel. The BulletProof corrosion resistant pins are a necessary complement to your BulletProof Hitch™ and designed to ensure strength, durability, and utility. In addition to the zinc plating found on the standard pins, the corrosion-resistant pin features an electroless nickel undercoat with a zinc plating topcoat for unsurpassed corrosion resistance.

Many northern states have a high concentration of calcium chloride or 'salting' on the roads leading to rapid corrosion on standard coatings. The dual-plating process of the corrosion-resistant pin is designed to protect the integrity of the pin, ensuring strength for many years to come.

These pins will be supplied/sold as a pair with two R-clips included, and rated to the full capacity of any BulletProof Hitch.


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BulletProof Corrosion Resistant Pins (Pair) Included Parts

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