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BulletProof 1

BulletProof 1-1/4" Hitch-Mounted Sway Control Ball


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Attaching a Sway Control System from your BulletProof Hitch to your trailer requires the proper mounting points. Attaching the sway control system from the trailer to the ball mount of the hitch is a 1-1/4" ball. Bolted to both the left or right side of the BulletProof Sway Control Ball Mount. The 1-1/4" ball is secured with a lock washer and nut to prevent the ball from coming loose when under load.

This 1-1/4" ball can be used on either side of the BulletProof Sway Control Dual Ball allowing you to mount the Sway Control System to either side of the trailer.

Note: Sway Control Ball Mount as shown in the second picture is NOT INCLUDED with this listing.

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