BulletProof 2.5" Weight Distribution Shank


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The BulletProof Weight Distribution Shank is the ultimate choice for those times you need to use a weight distribution system. This solid steel shank allows you to connect almost any weight distribution system. After modifying your vehicle's suspension and/or adding larger tires, you may need a longer drop. The shank can be used in the drop or the rise position.


The vertical shank is 2" wide and the holes are 3/4" in diameter and spaced 1-1/4" on center. This allows for more adjustment of the WD head to ensure you are towing level. Offers 7 different ride heights.


Rated to 22,000 pounds trailer weight and 3,000 lbs tongue weight.


Note: The BulletProof Locking Pin is NOT compatible with our Weight Distribution Shank.

Does NOT include a weight distribution ball with bars as shown in some of the photos. This is the shank ONLY.


BulletProof Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Shank Features


BulletProof Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Shank Specs


BulletProof Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Shank Parts Included


The shank is solid steel all the way through and has chamfered edges so it can easily slide into & out of your hitch receiver.

The textured powder coated finish creates a durable surface to help protect your hitch.

BulletProof Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Shank

Signature Black Textured Powder Coat

All BulletProof Hitches products feature a durable corrosion-resistant powder coat. This process starts with an aggressive sandblast to remove all impurities and create a clean surface for the powder coat. After the sandblast process, the products move through a 5 stage pre-treatment wash to remove any oil or residue. The metal is then sealed to eliminate corrosion. The final step is an application of our signature black textured powder coat which is applied with a Fanuc robot to ensure consistent thickness across the product.


BulletProof Heavy Duty Weight Distribution Shank


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