BulletProof Medium Duty Sway Control Ball Mount


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To equip your vehicle with our full Sway Control System, a mounting point for the sway control bar must be attached to the hitch. With the BulletProof Sway Control Ball Mount, you can mount a sway control system between your hitch and your trailer. Most useful in reducing sway on large, heavy loads. The Sway Control Ball mount comes with a 2" and 2-5/16" combination ball and two side plates for mounting the sway control ball. Giving you the option of attaching the sway control system to either side of the trailer. Typically, this setup would only have one side plate for mounting, which may not work for some applications.

Having two ball sizes and mounting plates means the user can easily switch trailers and even change which side they would like to mount the sway control system on. This can be especially important for trailers that have designs that can interfere with the articulation of the sway control system. The ball mount is rated up to 14,000 lbs. and can be used on our Medium Duty Duty hitches.

The entire ball mount comes coated with our durable black textured powder coat and covered by a lifetime warranty!

Weight Rating: 10,000 lb. rating on 2" ball and 14,000 lb. rating on 2-5/16" ball (w/ Medium Duty Hitch)

Note: Sway Control Bar seen in photos NOT included.


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