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The Last Hitch You Will Ever Need!

Our 2.0" Extreme Duty 4" Drop or Rise Hitch is unlike any of our competitors. We worked hard to create one amazing Hitch that does the work of 10.

Our hitches are extensively tested and exceed SAE-J684 testing requirements. They are built with such high standards that we have never had a single failure and you can see why from the features listed below:

Class 4 Hitch with 6,000 lb Tongue Weight Capacity & 30,000 lb Max Towing Capacity

3 Ride Heights That Are Easily Adjustable.

BulletProof 2.0


BulletProof 2.0


BulletProof 2.0


Each adjustable mount includes a 2-ball platform, which fits in the adjustable channel of the hitch. The 2 hitch balls are welded together onto the solid steel platform for maximum strength and stability.


Note: We can include any of the dual ball size combinations listed below with your hitch order.

Select the sizes needed for your dual ball from the drop-down option above.

Available Dual Ball Combinations Include:

  2" & 2-5/16" Dual Ball - No Additional Cost (Most Common Size)

1-7/8" & 2-5/16" Dual Ball - No Additional Cost

1-7/8" & 2" Dual Ball - No Additional Cost   

Extreme Duty Sway Control Ball Mount - $49.95 Upgrade


Extreme Duty Dual Ball Weight Ratings

1-7/8" Ball: 6,000 lb. Rating

2" Ball:  12,000 lb. Rating

2-5/16" Ball:  30,000 lb. Rating


BulletProof Heavy Duty Dual Hitch Ball


The hitch shank is solid steel all the way through and has chamfered edges so it can easily slide into & out of your hitch receiver. It also comes with two pin holes for more adjustment options.

The textured powder coated finish creates a durable surface to help protect your hitch.


BulletProof Hitches - Solid Steel Shank


All BulletProof Hitches feature a durable corrosion resistant powder coat. This process starts off with an aggressive sand blast to remove all impurities and create a clean surface for the powder coat. After the sand blast process the hitch moves through a 5 stage pre-treatment wash to remove any oil or residue. The metal is then sealed to eliminate corrosion. The final step is an application of our signature black textured powder coat which is applied with a Fanuc robot to ensure consistent thickness across the hitch.


BulletProof Hitches - Signature Black Textured Powder Coat

CNC Machining

Components of the BulletProof Hitch are machined in house on our state of the art Haas CNC machines. Our CNC machines use Renishaw probes which allow us to manufacture all parts to an extremely tight tolerance. This ensures that the hitch and ball combo fit together without slop or excess movement when attached to your vehicle.


BulletProof Hitches – CNC Machining

Using Our Hitches in the Rise Position

All of our hitches can be used in the drop or rise position and maintain the same weight capacity in either position.

This 2.0" Extreme Duty 4" rise/drop hitch has a max towing capacity of 30,000 lbs and a tongue weight capacity of 6,000 lbs in both the drop & rise position.


Compare The BulletProof Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, & Extreme Duty Hitch

2.0" Medium Duty 4" Drop/Rise Hitch 2.0" Heavy Duty 4" Drop/Rise Hitch 2.0" Extreme Duty 4" Drop/Rise Hitch




Max Towing Capacity Rated to 14,000 lbs

Max Towing Capacity Rated to 22,000 lbs

Max Towing Capacity Rated to 30,000 lbs

Tongue Weight Capacity Rated to 2,000 lbs

Tongue Weight Capacity Rated to 3,000 lbs

Tongue Weight Capacity Rated to 6,000 lbs

                      Not Compatible With Pintle Attachment                        

Compatible With Pintle Attachment (22,000 lb Towing Capacity)

Compatible With Pintle Attachment (30,000 lb Towing Capacity)

Box Steel Shank

Solid Steel Shank

Solid Steel Shank

Shop Our Compatible Accessories

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BulletProof Hitches – Features

The BulletProof 2.0" Extreme Duty 4" Drop/Rise Hitch In-Use

The BulletProof 2.0
The BulletProof 2.0
The BulletProof 2.0
The BulletProof 2.0
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John A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Work Horse

This hitch is Awesome!! My initial reason for buying this was to keep my bed from hitting my trailer jack. I'm in and out of the bed of my truck all the time and I don't want to have to unhitch my trailer every time I want in my bed of my truck. Well this hitch pushed out my truck far enough on the 1st hole that I didn't need it further out with the second Hole. But this is a solid piece of steel. It's definitely Heavy duty. I highly recommend Bulletproof Hitches. Strong, Reliable, Durable!

Mark J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great productpping was immediate

System for confirming the measurements to purchase the correct hitch were simple and accurate. Shipping was immediate even between Christmas and New Years.

Dan M.
I recommend this product
Very Reliable

I bought a 2" Extreme Duty 4" Drop/Rise Hitch with locking pins and am very impressed with how easy it is to adjust. The locking pins were definitely a great addition. Now I don't ever have to worry about my hitch being gone when I get back to the boat ramp.

Travis B.
I recommend this product
Perfect for my Truck

I needed an adjustable hitch with a small drop, but the capacity to pull a lot of weight, so the 2.0" Extreme Duty Hitch with 4" Drop/Rise was exactly what I was looking for.