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Just because winter is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean slick, icy roads are a thing of the past. Winter driving comes with its own set of safe towing practices that are crucial to keeping yourself and your vehicle safe. From a sway control system to proper weight distribution, there are three beneficial tips our Bulletproof Hitches team recommends to each of our customers. 1. Outfit Your Trailer with a Sway Control System As soon as your trailer and vehicle set out onto an icy road, there’s a good chance you could begin to experience trailer sway. It’s no...

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  At Bulletproof Hitches, we’re continually talking to customers that tow with all types of trailers and tow vehicles and many times, they aren’t always educated on proper towing procedures. We do everything we can to help our customers avoid costly and dangerous towing mistakes that could potentially harm themselves or other drivers on the road, which is why we created this list of the top five towing mistakes to avoid. 1. Don’t Overload Your trailer Do blown-out tires or out of control trailer sway sound like a good time? If the answer is no, then it’s best to avoid overloading...

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