New Ford Receiver Size

New Ford Receiver Size
2017.  A year that will go down in history.  A total solar eclipse shifted across the U.S. for the first time since 1918. The most damaging natural disaster in America’s history, Hurricane Harvey, strikes Houston, causing over $125 billion in damages. The Ford Motor Company changes the receiver tube size on its F-250 Diesel and F-350 and up trucks to 3”. Why did the pick-up that is built for America change to the biggest, but least common receiver size? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the new Ford receiver size?

The fourth generation of the F-250 and F-350 and up (2017 – present) are Super Duty in both name and performance. When Ford went about updating the design and functionality of their much beloved pick-up they decided to go with a 3” hitch receiver tube. Why? The 3” receivers offer the highest weight ratings. Meaning they are an essential bit of gear if you intend on doing some heavy duty towing.

Problems with the new Ford receiver size

The towing capacity of your application is always dictated by the lowest-rated piece in your overall setup. When you are in the business of heavy duty towing, you can’t afford for your hitch to be anything other than the toughest on the market.

At present, Ford is sending their F-250 Diesel and F-350 and up Super Duty trucks off the lot in Kentucky with two reducing sleeves: 3" to 2.5" and 2.5" to 2". A lot of Ford truck owners are quite content in using these reducing sleeves so that the more commonly available hitches on the market still fits their truck. However, using these reducing sleeves creates a lot of problems with slop and rattle. The solution? Ditch the reducing sleeves and instead use a hitch with a 3" shank. Now you have a smoother, safer, and better-performing towing experience.

Solutions to the new Ford receiver size: BulletProof Hitches

BulletProof Hitches has solved the dilemma for Ford F-250 Diesel and F-350 and up truck owners by designing and manufacturing the last hitch you’ll ever need. These hitches are both extremely well built and super tough. In fact, there has never been a reported failure of these hitches in use! Take for instance their 3.0" heavy duty 6″ drop/rise hitch. This Class 5 Hitch features a solid steel shank and possesses a 22,000 lb maximum towing capacity. Meaning it is the perfect first point of contact within your overall heavy duty towing setup. Ford will allow owners to opt for a smaller receiver size when ordering, it is suggested to use the Measuring Guide  to confirm the receiver size before placing your order!

Not a lot of Ford F-250 Diesel and F-350 and up truck owners are aware of the benefits of getting rid of the reducing sleeves and opting instead for a 3” shank hitch that is specifically designed for them. So, hopefully now you know that BulletProof Hitches have designed a great option for you to make your overall towing setup extremely tough and super duty.