Stainless Steel Locking Pin For Hitch

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To keep your hitch safely attached to your vehicle, we offer the stainless steel locking pin for hitch receivers. This pin is rated to the max capacity of the hitch and offers you peace of mind when leaving your vehicle unattended. The pin has a thick, lockable end-piece that will prevent theft as well as provide a solid hold on your hitch. Additionally, the locking pin is made from stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion and rust protection. The length of the pin allows it to be used on 2", 2.5" & 3" hitch receivers. Compatible with any BulletProof Hitch.

Note: This pin will is not long enough to lock the ball mount to the hitch. For a locking pin suitable to lock the ball mount to the hitch, please see "Locking Pin for Ball Mount.”