BulletProof Hitches Full Lifetime Warranty

Here at BulletProof Hitches, we strive to provide the highest quality adjustable trailer hitches and towing accessories on the market. We believe in the strength and integrity of our products and extend this belief into our product warranty as stated below.

What is Covered

  1. Covers defect in materials and workmanship of our hitches.
  2. Covers the structural integrity of the hitch. Any compromise to the structure of the hitch, such as a bend, crack, break, or wear of anything structural.
  3. Covers defect in powder coat for 1 full year from purchase date. This would include any cracking, peeling, corrosion, or bubbling in the powder coat that is not caused by normal usage, such as wear on the ball from towing.
  4. Any damage or wear to any of the securing pins used throughout the product.


What Is Not Covered

  1. Powder coat wear from normal usage, such as around the shank of the hitch or the ball of the hitch. Wear in these two areas is inevitable & should be expected with normal use of the hitch.
  2. Any structural compromise as a result of misuse or illegal towing practices.
  3. Any structural compromise as a result of a rear-end collision from another driver.


The warranty can be claimed by calling (941) 251 8110 or e-mailing us at sales@bulletproofhitches.com. Please state the issue you are having with proof of any damages. From here, we will issue a prepaid return label for you to send the product back to us. We will then issue a full refund or a direct replacement of the damaged piece. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product.