In today's world of adjustable drop hitches, there are many that exist on the market, however all of these hitches fall short in terms of quality, utility, and strength.

After an extensive search for a hitch that met all of our requirements, we were quite disappointed and the answer to our problem seemed quite obvious. A new hitch was due to be designed and manufactured to meet the needs of hard-working men and women as well as their trucks.

While the towing capabilities of new diesel and gas trucks has steadily increased over the last ten years, the market for hitches able to keep up with this demand of higher performance has been non-existent.

Today, many newer diesel trucks are able to tow anywhere from 15,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs. Hitches in today’s market lack not only the strength but the versatility necessary to tow any type of trailer with just one hitch. Multiple parts would have to be used for different tasks – different ball sizes, different drop sizes, or even different hitches altogether. This was unacceptable, and from this, the BulletProof Hitch™ was created!



Since day one, no expense has been spared in creating the BulletProof Hitch™. Looking at the BulletProof Hitch™, it is no secret that it is built to be the strongest, most durable, and most versatile hitch on the market.

To do this, BulletProof’s engineers had to source the absolute best in materials, equipment, and skilled labor and combine these aspects with effective innovation. This innovation has come about through years of experience. Every hitch is made with solid steel that is chemically analyzed to ensure the steel is of the highest possible quality, the type of quality that has never been seen before in this industry. This process is done with nothing but the best American values.

A number of government agencies use BulletProof Hitches™ frequently because they exceed their rigorous testing standards. These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and all branches of the U.S. military, showing that the American Dream is alive and well.

The BulletProof Hitch™ was truly designed to be the last hitch you will ever buy. The team at BulletProof Hitches™ is always looking towards the future and will continue to meet the demands of those who use their trucks as a tool for work and play. Every hitch and equally innovative accessory is built with an emphasis on quality and strength. From the CNC-chamfered edges, epoxy powder coat, and precisely drilled pin holes to the versatile, stout design allowing for multiple attachments at once, the BulletProof Hitch™ simply has it all!

BulletProof Hitches - Features