About The BulletProof Hitch™

The BulletProof Hitch™ is the highest quality hitch in the world, allowing any vehicle to tow any trailer at the correct level. This increases your stability, gas mileage and safety while maintaining even tire wear.

Unlike all other drop hitches, the BulletProof Hitch™ is features high quality steel construction. The adjustable channel plate is 5/16″ thick and laser cut, the gusset that reinforces the hitch is 1/2″ steel plate, similar to the plate used to armor military vehicles. The combination of these features give the hitch it’s superior rating of up to 36,000lbs. The edges of the steel bar are CNC-chamfered for appearance and functionality, making it easy to install and remove the hitch from any receiver.   

Some manufacturers use poor quality paint to coat their hitches in order to save money. After a short time the paint will begin to deteriorate and rust will start to show. The BulletProof Hitch features a high quality durable powder coat process that is designed to take years of abuse and yet still look like the day it came out of the box. The BulletProof dual ball is a combination of a 2″ ball rated to 12,000 lbs and a 2-5/16″ ball rated up-to 36,000 lbs, making it stronger than any other drop hitch available and allowing you to fully utilize the load capacity of your trailer. The hardware that is supplied with the BulletProof Hitch is heat treated for strength and silver zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance. The BulletProof Hitch is also available with a wide range of attachments such as a pintle attachment, recovery shackles, loops and draw bars. Visit our Accessories page for more information.
BulletProof Hitches - Hitch Features