BulletProof Safety Chains - Extreme Duty


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One of the most important and overlooked connections when towing is the safety chains. Often times the factory length safety chains are not long enough to connect your trailer to your hitch receiver when utilizing a drop hitch. We have two solutions for this, one is to use the BulletProof Channel Shackles which allow you to connect the safety chains to the hitch. The second is to replace the safety chains with longer BulletProof safety chains. This will allow you to connect the trailer to your vehicles hitch receiver regardless of what size drop you have.

Extreme Duty - ½” chain 42” long with 46,000 lb. capacity per pair



  • Helps to ensure safe towing
  • Provides backup connection between trailer & tow vehicle
  • Steel construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Hook end attaches to tow loop on vehicle
  • Chain end attaches to trailer
  • Can be used with any BulletProof Hitch
  • Durable zinc coating for corrosion and rust resistance


  • Weight Capacity: 46,000 lbs.
  • Chain Length: 42"
  • Overall Length (with hook): 47 ¾”
  • Diameter of Chain Link: ½”

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