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Compared to everyday, lightweight towing, commercial towing comes with an entirely different set of requirements and responsibilities. Not only do commercial towers perform a wider variety of tasks, but they’re also doing them on a broader level. There are bigger truckloads, heavier equipment, and a diverse set of towing tasks. In order to get the job done right, it’s crucial to outfit your trucks with the best hitch on the market. That’s where BulletProof Hitches™ comes in! Our hitches are the highest-rated option on the market. They’ve been proven to tow up to 36,000 lbs. and have an adaptable design...

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Anyone who has spent time pulling a trailer, whether it be the family fishing boat, heavy duty farm equipment, or a car hauler, has probably experienced sway with their trailer. It is not a fun feeling when a large gust of wind starts causing your trailer to sway back and forth while you try to keep both your tow vehicle and the trailer in your lane. This common towing experience can become more of an issue the heavier your trailer load is and as you increase your speed while towing. This issue can be potentially dangerous for both the tow...

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With so many different types of trucks and trailers in today's world of towing it can be difficult to find a hitch that will work for every situation. This is why the adjustable trailer hitch was created. It allows you to adjust your hitch to accommodate many different towing applications instead purchasing multiple hitches for every type of trailer or vehicle. The most common variable when towing multiple trailers is the height of the connection point between truck and trailer. An adjustable hitch makes it possible to move your ball up and down rather than being limited to one position. At BulletProof...

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