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When towing any trailer, having a strong connection between your trailer and vehicle is very important. When towing trailers from a rear receiver, typically the trailer will fall into one of four categories for road use: a trailer with a 1-7/8" coupler, a trailer with a 2" coupler, a trailer with a 2-5/16" coupler and a pintle trailer. Each of these trailers has a specific use and are suitable for different towing weights, however with that said, each will provide the same basic function and you can apply the same exact principles to towing each of these trailers. For towing...

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BulletProof Hitches offers Extreme Duty drop hitches with 2", 2.5" and 3" shanks with weight capacities of 30,000lbs for our 2" hitches and 36,000lbs for our 2.5" and 3" hitches. These hitches are as big and bad as the come and are constructed entirely of solid steel, making them a good match for conventional ball coupler trailers or even pintle/military-style trailers when used with our BulletProof Pintle attachment. With available options, the Extreme Duty hitch can be equipped with a 1-7/8" ball, a 2" ball and a 2-5/16" ball, meaning there isn't a trailer that you can't tow! The Extreme...

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For customers looking to tow a wide variety of trailers, there is no replacement for the new Extreme Duty Offset drop and rise hitch from BulletProof Hitches. Rated to 36,000 lbs and constructed entirely of solid steel, this hitch features a 7-position channel for mounting your ball mount, pintle attachment, or any other BulletProof Hitch accessory. This unique style of hitch offers the user the ability to run the hitch with either a 6" drop and 4" rise or a 4" drop and 6" rise, saving the user time when having to switch between different types of trailers for different...

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